Your Basic Guide to Ultimate Travel Packing List

If you are hiring our super luxurious car service to Dulles airport, it is probably because you are on your way to some business trip or heading towards a stress-free trip away from work. In both cases, we are in with all our heart to help you. But did you put enough thought on what things you should carry in your traveling suitcase? We bet you did not. Why? Because most of us think that packing is a least important thing to do and can be done within an hour. As an expert provider of car service to Dulles, we suggest you to take immense care of your packing checklist and have a rundown of all the necessary items you need, because we have seen passengers getting all worried even before arriving at the airport of the important stuff they forget behind. But worry not, we have already assembled the list of “what crucial things I must embrace for my trip” for our beloved clients. Here is the list that might help you whenever you are traveling on short notice or even with your family. airport limo service

Important Documents

The first thing you want to do after receiving a much imperative call from office asking you to hop in the plane for urgent meeting is to get hold of all your important documents. And by all we literally mean all – look for your passport, your credit cards, debit cards, your cheque book, your personal ID, your health insurance card/ documents, personal diary, tour and hotel contact information, travel insurance information, important addresses, transportation tickets that includes your plane ticket, bus ticket, car, hired car rentals, etc) as well as reservations and emergency contacts. This list can go on as long as you need, and it is better to keep it long than short because trips sometimes get a little tricky. The only chance of you staying safe, especially in a different country is by having all the necessary documents that can ensure your safety traveling. Also, make sure to double check if your passport and ID are not expired and inform your bank about your traveling, so they will not freeze your card if you use it from outside your town. Moreover, email yourself the copy of all of your license and necessary documents just to be more on the safe side.

Personal Items

The next important thing to do after getting hold of your documents is to organize your carry-on bag for all the personal goodies you are going to need and that aren’t replaceable. It is always a great idea to carry an outfit and essential toiletries in your carry-on bag just in case if your luggage gets lost. It is a great idea especially if you are traveling to multiple destinations because that way you will not have to access your main traveling bag every now and then. Make sure that this bag is of high-quality and can keep all the things intact during long hours of flight. Other things to put in this bag are of course your mobile and charger, guide book, maps, language guide book (if you are going to a new country with different language), glasses, hand sanitizers, wet wipes, a book or e-reader along with charger, headphones, camera, memory card, portable charger, adapters, and electrical converters.

Get Your Stuff Organized

Packing your main suitcase totally depends upon the type of trip you are going to. If it is a business trip – it is probably going to be for a week or two, probably few days – which means you will need only a couple of suits, casual dress and night clothes. If you are going to spend vacations for a month or two, you will need a bigger bag with enough space to put all your necessary clothes and other items. For either purpose, it is always better to get a hold on a big traveling bag or suitcase in which you can put your stuff in an organized manner. Line up all your business suits in one row, your evening dresses in another, and your night suits in the third row. Make sure to put ties in between your business suits and try not to mix all the clothing compartment. This will surely save your time when you will be running short for a meeting or business meetup. If you have enough time, organize a toiletry bag too that will have your essentials like makeup, lotion, toothpaste, sunscreen, personal hygiene items, deodorants, cologne, shaving kit, and sewing kit. When all the packing is done, make sure to check all the health items in your bag before you leave. And lastly, make certain that all your belongings are secured so you will not have to go through pickpocketing.

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