Welcome New Year with Sundance Film Festival 2017

New year comes with many innovative plans and goals that each of us try to achieve for our better future. Some plan their wedding, some set their fitness ambitions for a healthier body, whilst some seek entertainment as an escape from their hectic, troublesome life. Christmas and New Year Eve’s celebration are a time to make the end of the year memorable. Make it more memorable by attending the amazing Sundance Film Festival of 2017. In this propitious occasion, you will get a chance to enjoy your home country’s aesthetic movies and appreciate all those unacknowledged masterminds who need much of their fellow countrymen’s support in the field of films. No matter which part of the country you belong to, you can get car service DC to get to the festival.

What it is About

Sundance Film Festival is a program conducted by the Sundance Institute, which was first began in 1978 in the Salt Lake City. It was an effort created to attract film makers towards Utah. Established since then, this festival occurs every year now in January where hundreds of film makers from all over the United States as well as international figures, make their way to Utah to attend it. sundance film festival - car service dc Sundance Film Festival is the largest film festival in the United States which is held in Ogden, Park City, Salt Lake City, as well as in the Sundance Resort. Independent filmmakers in America and selected international ones are directed to attend this festival to win some competitions and display their works. People who find it harder to reach there can hire car service DC, which is not only reasonably priced but also swift and prompt on-time. And since the occasion is pretty fancy, why not take a car service DC that will allow you to roam around in the fine limousine?

The Festival This Year

The year of 2017 is no less important for the Sundance Film Festival. While most of the people were busy in the elections, John Cooper, the director of Sundance Film Festival short-listed the films he is going to display. From college hazing, dysfunctional families to soldiers meeting the aftermath of Gulf War, this year’s festival is going to be a diversifying one for everyone around the world, no matter how different their taste in films is. Here is an opportunity for you to not only observe the work done by the international directors, but also a chance to support newcomers as well as old ones as they premier their work from January 19 to January 29. limousine sundance film festival If you are planning on spending the beginning of your new year away from your usual hectic work routine and want to invest on something totally different then head towards Utah to attend this amazing film festival. Especially if you are a movie buff. A lot of us has restricted our likening towards the big screen only, and the time that we only come across short films, world narratives, and documentaries is when we are watching the annual Academy Awards. But this time, we dare you to do something extraordinary and give your time to the small screen. You will be surprise to see how great the talent is that is hiding behind the short documentaries.

Competitions in the Sundance Film Festival

This ten days long, breathtaking showdown is mainly about watching skilled directors and artists around the world to compete with one another until the deserving one takes the prize to their home. The U.S Dramatic Competition is going to be displaying 16 greatest films that have some amazing names Eliza Hittman, Alex Ross Perry, Matt Ruskin, Dave McCary and many more. The U.S Documentary Competition also going to premier 16 films that has directors like Jeff Orlowski, Peter Bratt, Pete Nicks, Yance Ford, and the rest. World Cinema Dramatic Competition is also not going to be an easy one as people like Helene Hegemann, Jose Maria, Alejandro Zambra, Francis Lee, and some more are going to be showcasing their works in the 12 greatest documentaries. 12 films in the World Cinema Documentary Competition, and 10 are going to be displaying in the NEXT segment of the festival. It is a chance for our readers to get a break from their usual superhero movies of big campaigns and join hundreds of people from all around America as well as outside to celebrate the works of talented directors, film writers, and producers of around the world. If getting to Utah is your only problem that is holding you back from attending this amazing event, we can help you with our car service DC to get there without any hurdle. Whether you want to join the festival for a single day or for straight ten days, we will be always by your side to make it all the more interesting for you.

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