Wedding aisle runners come in all shapes and sizes. For your wedding find a way to use your runner as more than just a passage to a new life. From extra long runners that you can step out of the Reagan airport car service onto, to white runners that guests can sign and send wishes. There are a lot of great ideas and trends for this endeavor, here are some of the best.

Reagan Airport Car Services
Reagan airport car service

Bring the runner all the way down the aisle and onto the curb where your IAD airport car service will pull up. This extravagant way to use a runner will have you feeling like royalty or maybe even a celebrity super couple. Encourage guests to snap as many pictures as they can for a scrapbook section that is larger than life.

DCA Car Service
IAD airport car service

Hand signed and written wishes to the newlyweds on a white runner is a crowd favorite as it holds great memories that can later be used as a couch cover or tapestry for years to come. Guests will love to be a part of the bigger picture and have their wishes heard by you. Simply roll it up on your way out to the Fairfax wedding limo service and take a home yet another wedding keepsake.

The final wedding aisle runner theme is that of the painted footsteps. The newlyweds place their feet in the paint before walking down the aisle. Creating a union of steps that merge in the end. If the idea is too messy, dip your feet in the paint and use the runner as you exit to the Fairfax limo service.

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