How to Have a Hummingbird Wedding

How to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Wedding

Do you absolutely love birds?

These little flying creatures that bring songs to every corner of a yard, in front of cafes, at the edges of parking lots; creating a cheery atmosphere, that could be at your wedding too! If you want your wedding environment to have a fun feel like Portland Town Car Service loves, then why not attract birds to your wedding venue? Car Service Portland  

Here’s how:

Hummingbirds are a fun sight, like our Cheap Limo Service Annandale can rely on. Hummingbirds move their wings so fast, that they can be difficult to spot unless they are feeding. Limo Service Annandale The North American Hummingbirds averages at about 52 wing beats per second, taking in somewhere around 250 breaths per minute. These swift birds are precious to many cultures, and their presence takes on various meanings throughout. Traditionally, in Native American culture, the Hummingbird is a symbol of peace, happiness, and love. So these lighting-last friends are perfect to have present at weddings.  

The average DIY Hummingbird nectar recipe is:


¼ cup sugar


1 cup water

  Heat up the mixture in the microwave or on the stove top until it’s warm then mix until all the sugar is blended. Let it cool and then fill up a Hummingbird feeder and they will seek it out. Portland Town Car Service Hummingbirds are like great Car Service Portland uses for extensive travel. The average humming bird will migrate around 3000 miles each year, and return to the same areas. They are also efficient like our Wedding Limo Annandale frequent flyers loves, because they can they stay in the air, dedicated for hundreds of miles, without touching down even once. Call us today at (202)888-7833
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