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Fun Activities in Washington DC that Every Kid in your Class will Love

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Washington DC is probably one of the places which are perfect for every kid in your class because they offer such variety that it is difficult to go wrong.

When you particularly have the safety of children in mind, transportation options like a cheap limo service near me or DC car service can serve you quite well.

Cheap Limo Services Near Me This destination is not only rich in showcasing the country’s history, but it also has a lot of destinations that will appeal to the fun-oriented minds. Here are our top picks that will help you arrange a class tour that will be the talk of your school for years to come.

U.S. Capitol Building

A visit to the capitol in a cheap car service near me is perhaps the best option as this will not only provide children with the information about the democratic roots of America, but will also allow them to wander in the beautiful architectural monument which is the forum for all national legislation. After completing a staff-led tour in the capitol, return to the bus of the DC car service company and get ready to move to our next pick. Cheap Car Services Near Me

The White House

This is where the president and his family live. This beautiful building has housed US presidents since the beginning of time. The students can walk in the halls and tour the president’s office and his residence. However, plan 6 months in advance to book a tour with the White House management due to security reasons.

Lincoln Memorial

There is no better place for a class tour than the Lincoln Memorial. Watch the children gasp with delight the minute they set foot from the bus by our DC car service. The iconic Lincoln statue, his inscribed speeches and the beautiful pool which reflects the Washington Monument and the National Mall, will be an enlightening experience for the children.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

A cheap car service in DC will easily take you and your class to this museum, which will give them a complete history of airplanes and human flight. Stay for an IMAX planetarium show and let the children roam the halls of the museums to observe an amazing collection of space artifacts. We also offer car service DC for other trips and tours. If you want to know more about it, contact us today.

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