How to Plan a Day Trip to Washington DC

Washington DC is full of fascinating sights that always have something thrilling to offer to those who visit this place for the first time. If you live near this beautiful state, and are willing to invest one day here with your loved ones, it is hard to see all the important places in one day. This is bound to happen, unless, you go there prepared with an itinerary and a good car service to Dulles. If you are a person with a 9 to 5 job that does not give you enough time to enjoy then planning for a single day trip is the best option for you to take your mind off of the frenetic and wearing everyday routine. A lot of people put off their decision of visiting Washington DC because they don’t get enough time off and a single day will not cover all the picturesque sights according to their understanding. But even a day spent in Washington is enough no matter how many places you see. So, stop waiting on for the right moment and pack your bags with us, as we are reading to provide you our car service to Dulles airport for your amazing weekend in Washington DC. Car Service to Dulles Let’s plan your trip. Follow our simple steps written down below and you will be good to go!

Plan Up

Start off by simple planning on which sights you want to see. Since Washington DC is huge and it takes a few days to explore the whole state, it is better to narrow down your list and prefer only the places you always been dreaming to visit. If you are more of a historical lover person or just want to probe about the historically significant places of America then Capitol Building, the White House, and the monuments should be your preeminent destinations. However, if you are planning to choose a different path, consider a full day visit to trendy neighborhoods like Dupont Circle or may be Adams Morgan.

Go through the Reservation Process

Washington DC, being an important place for so many reasons, often requires ticket reservation for its various wondrous sights. For instance, places like Capitol Building and White House require tickets. And in order to not end up wandering in the streets, it is better to reserve your ticket on call or through email at least two months before your day trip. Other important places that require ticket entry are Holocaust Memorial Museum and Washington Monument. Moreover, if you are going with your special someone and want to catch them off guard by through a lavish dinner at a fancy restaurant, it is better to go through their policies online to confirm if they require early reservations or not.

Get Yourself a Vehicle

It is easier to just throw your stuff in a bag and jump on a plane, but it is tedious to look for a proper car service to take you to places in a totally strange place. Our car service is one of the most authentic ones out there in Washington DC. We can provide car service to Dulles, to and from the airport in a smooth manner. On the other hand, you can also book yourself beforehand your preferable car on our website. Other than that, if you are more into organized tour, why not choose from open-top bus tours to bike tours or even walking ones? The choice is up to you. If you are spending your day with your significant other, booking a car will be easier and more convenient for you as you will be able to cover all sight-seeing in a single quick swoop.

Do Your Packing

We know it is a single day trip and you probably would not need much of your stuff, but preparing ahead of time is always proven to be helpful than end-minute packing. Make sure to put your necessary documents in your bag, along with a map just in case if you get lost, and a water bottle because no one wants to get dehydrated at the end of the day.

Be Organized

We are now talking about going to various places in a way that you could also be able to hit other picturesque sights on your way. You can do that by planning a quick lunch, anywhere that has great locations in its surroundings. For instance, if you are lunching in Ben’s Chili Bowl, you get a chance to visit the U street area, which is full of fun and tourist spots. Walk yourself around the street and you won’t be sorry; we promise. If you are around the National Mall, don’t forget to spend an hour or two in National Gallery of Art, which also have an amazing range of delicious sandwiches, soups, and salads. After all, you got to eat in order to move around places. Our proficient drivers available with our car service to Dulles can also advice you about various things and inform you about the historical importance because of their experiences. We wish you great luck the next time you plan for a day trip in Washington DC.

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