Cherry Blossom Festival Is The Perfect Time To Visit Washington

About the Event:

Cherry blossom FestivalThe cherry blossom festival is held annually in Washington DC to celebrate the friendship between the United States of America and Japan. The festival dates back to 1912 when Japanese Mayor, Yukio Ozaki, gifted the states with three thousand cherry blossom trees as a token of friendship and peace. Originally, two thousand trees were sent in 1910 but unfortunately they all arrived deceased and that’s is why more trees were sent and this time with the help of well known botanist and chemists, these trees arrived completely healthy and ready to be planted in American soil. The first lady at the time, Helen Taft, and the wife of then Japanese ambassador, Viscountess Chinda, was the first to plant the first of the cherry blossom trees with the first lady presenting the Viscountess a bouquet of American Beauty Roses. Every year in DC, spring is welcomed with open arms and celebrated through this festival as it is awaited eagerly by both the locals and the tourists all year long. The lavish parties, kite flying and extravagant parades are only some of the reasons why the cherry blossom festival is so eagerly awaited. The cherry blossom festival is the perfect time to visit Washington as it gives you the perfect opportunity to take advantages of all the fun activities and events arranged in honor of the festival.  Many tourists visit the capital at this time of year specifically because of the festival and if you have trouble trying to find your way across the city then the perfect solution to that is limousine service Cleveland which is a really convenient way to travel around the city as Cleveland limo is safe and reliable and really easy to get a hold of. Here are some of the events that will take place in the festival:

opening ceremony of cherry blossom festivalOpening Ceremony:

The opening ceremony basically kicks of the entire festival and is essentially the ‘ready, get set, go!’ to signify the start of the entire event. The opening ceremony hosts many world renowned performers which include amazing singers, dancers, orchestra players and actors. The event will have world famous orchestra players that will leave drowning in their melody. And international pop star May J whose has her roots planted in Japan, Spain, Turkey, Russia and UK and is now coming to perform in the national cherry blossom festival for your entertainment. If you want to arrive to the event in style in the perfect way to do so would be limo service Cleveland which is the smartest way to get to the event not only on time but also with class.

Tidal Basin Welcome Area and Performance Stage:

The National Park Service offers up this location every day for all sorts of visitor services like souvenirs, first aid, books, food and official merchandise. You can also visit the national cherry blossom festival tent for more entertainment and fun activities. The tidal basin welcome area can also be rented for a short duration for events like wedding and wedding limousine service offers its services for such events.
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