Essential Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Invitations

7 Tips for Your Wedding Invitations: What to Keep in Mind

7 Tips for Your Wedding Invitations: What to Keep in Mind

Creating the wedding invitations may seem like a small matter when it comes to planning this huge event, but it’s important nonetheless.

It takes a seamless blend of all crucial elements to make a wedding a success. We are here to share helpful tips that will have your wedding as smooth ride in with Annandale Limo Service.

Annandale Wedding Limo When specifying the time on your invitations, don’t be scared to add 10 or 20 minutes. Essentially, you will know that the wedding will start at 12:20pm, but you can tell your guests 12 o’clock to give them a little wiggle room. Have a little fun, like you just hopped in an Annandale Wedding Limo and add a DJ request line to your invitation. So when people RSVP, you will gather a fun playlist that your guests will love. Limo Service Annandale Always list the wedding venue location, some couples have even put a cute map on the back for easy directions. If the wedding reception is taking place at a different location than the ceremony, it may be important to go ahead and include that on your invitation, so guests will know beforehand. Let your guests know if you have hired transportation for them. Will they get a limousine ride to the venue from their hotel? The sooner they know, the better. Executive Car Service Wichita

It’s always a good idea to put a respond-by date. The sooner you know how many guests you are expected to have the easier planning will be.

You will be able to pinpoint how much food to have prepared and what of a vehicle to hire for Corporate Car Service Wichita visitors will love.

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