7 Tips to Enjoy Austin Bus Tours

A live tour with the right bunch of people can make any road trip exciting as well as memorable.  Austin, Texas, has a bit of everything for everyone:  the live music scene, a bustling nightlife, shopping arenas, beautiful parks and sporting events. Taking Austin bus tours is a great way for a group of family members, office colleagues and friends to discover the scenic pleasures, and sights and sounds of Austin, Texas. Booking Austin Bus tours with a reputable company delivers absolutely the best value for money around the holiday season when there is a surge in the prices of airplane and rail tickets. Here are 7 tips to book and enjoy a tour in Austin with your group without getting exhausted and burnt out:

Book a High Quality Vehicle

austin bus tours Since hiring a tour bus is a lot less expensive than a plane an even a train ride, it makes an absolute sense to splurge and hire a high quality bus instead of a cheap one. This would ensure that your ride through Austin is not only comfortable but also a scintillating experience; one that you are going to remember and cherish for sometimes. If you are going to visit classy places in Austin like wineries, or historical museums, art galleries, ball games, then going in a classy ride to all these places will only enhance the experience. Opting for a charter bus is the most convenient and cost effective way to travel in a large group. Not only would everyone be able to stay together during the travel but the hiring cost would be a lot less when divided across the group members.

Don’t Compromise on Safety

When looking for Austin bus tours, take your time and investigate the safety terms, regulations and record of different companies.  A good company usually welcomes this kind of inquiry and provides this information to customers readily. This reflects that they are serious about the safety of their customers during a journey. Reputable ground transport companies not only have buses of the latest make in their fleet but keep their vehicles regularly serviced and maintained in order to have them functioning at the highest safety level. They not only insure their vehicles but also their drivers; some may even insure the passengers traveling in their tour buses. Remember, you want to find and hire a reliable and safe company tour bus company which takes practical steps to ensure the safety of its passengers and not the one that doesn’t go beyond verbal claims.

Get Comfortable

Gone are the days when road trips were considered as tedious and tiring. A modern luxury charter tour bus has absolutely everything that can make a road trip as comfortable as airplane travel or something as close to it as possible.  With plush and spacious leather seats, headrests, recliners, wifi, power outlets, snacks, and plenty of leg room, traveling in a luxury tour bus is like traveling in the lap of luxury. That’s almost everything you expect to get during an airplane flight, but at a considerably reduced price. You can sit, chat up with your group members, enjoy the scenery out of the window and even take short naps. Don’t forget to pack cushions and light weight blanket during the trip. This is very important if your travel troupe consists of young children and the elderly. Dress Sensibly Sensible dressing is a must during bus tours. All luxury buses are temperature controlled, which means that they won’t get too cold or too hot during the travel. Still, you would need to step out of the bus to enjoy the scenery, so wearing light weight, breathable, layered, clothes, comfortable, bendable shoes, and caps and visors is recommended.

Stay Entertained

There are a variety of things you can do during Austin bus tours to keep yourself entertained; for instance, talking with your group members, playing games, etc. But there is a limit to that.   If you want some quality me time, then you can read a book, listen to music or watch a movie, since all tour buses are equipped with nifty entertainment system. If there are children on board, then consider bringing toys, coloring books, and video games handy so as to keep boredom and crankiness at bay.

Have a Flexible Itinerary

When it comes to traveling routes, airplanes, trains, commercial liners and formal tour buses don’t provide much choice to commuters. They are bound to follow a predetermined route. However, Austin bus tours are a great way to travel in and around Austin with your group. You can create an itinerary or ask for mini side trips around points of interest apart from your main route. It is a good idea to develop an itinerary and provide it to the driver before the trip in order to allow him to create a comfortable travel experience for your group and allow your group to cover the maximum destinations in Austin area in as little time as possible.

Bring Around Food

charter  bus Austin Food is not the center point of any trip but it can be part of a great traveling experience and can provide something to look forward to in between destinations. So pack up snacks during the trip and make planned stops at diners for meals. Keep in mind that having light meals during traveling helps in keeping you refreshed and energized throughout your journey.  Since tour buses can accommodate scheduled bathroom breaks, so you can drink up during the tours. Furthermore, drinking and driving is not a problem when you hire a tour bus instead of driving your own car, so you and your friends can enjoy alcoholic beverages too during the ride and rely on the driver to help you reach your destination safely. A bus tour service can absolutely make or break your trip, so make sure to go for a company that is experienced, professional and enjoys a good repute with its client. Car Service DC knows what it takes to be successful in the bus tour industry, as it has been in business since the past 23 years. It is committed to provide great transportation services at cost effective prices. Get a quote from us today when researching options for Austin bus tours.

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