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5 Wedding Vendors that are Paramount to Your Wedding

A wedding requires a lot of online research and phone calls, especially when it comes to hiring your vendors.

If this is a first-time wedding for you and you your significant other have decided on doing most of the planning yourselves, we have a quick list of crucial vendors that most couples consider while tying the knot. DC Car Service Near Me

Beauty vendors.

  Day of the wedding, your beauty vendor may grab a DC Sedan Service and head over to fix your hair and makeup. Both partners may want to hire their own beauty assistant to speed up the process. DC Luxury Sedan 

Cake vendor.

  Doing a little research can pay off. Do you want a cake covered in fondant, or something a bit more simple? Find someone who specializes in a variety of cake styles if you are still unsure.  


  First, it may be a good idea to figure out how many caterers you need, or can you get them all in from one skilled catering company? One local shop may be able to cover the cheese and fruit platters, while another solely dinner.  


Car Services in DC You don’t want to be stuck day of the wedding searching for DC Car Service Near Me. Finding bus, limo, and Car Service DC visitors can rely on ahead of time can save you time and money.  

Flower vendors.

  They will be able to help you find inexpensive in-season flowers, or rare flowers that you just have to have. Also keep in mind some companies can find you flowers in bulk, but they won’t create floral arrangements.

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