Disadvantages of Tying the Knot During the Summer

5 Reasons Not to Get Married During the Summer Season

Many couples choose these warm months to tie the knot and celebrate.

Washington DC Wedding Limo Service

Like a Arlington Wedding Limo, there are many of wonderful reasons to get married from June to September; they too have their list of disadvantages.

Arlington Wedding Limo Service So before you grab BWI Limo Service and arrange a summer time wedding—consider these ideas first. It’s more expensive. Spring and summer are the peak seasons for weddings, so that means prices will be higher. There is much more competition. If you decide to get married in the peak season with everyone else, it will be more difficult to arrange your wedding day on the exact date you want it. It will be harder to find BWI Airport Car Service, limo service, and vendor deals. Venues are more likely to be booked, as well as designers, wedding planners, vendors, caterers, and the like. BWI Airport Car Service If you are getting married outdoors, there is a high possibility that you and your guests will be fighting off flies and mosquitoes. This leads to needing a higher budget to buying bug net tents, torches, citronella candles, bug repellent and so on. Of course, there is also the obvious—getting bite itches and mosquitoes can carry diseases. Special precaution may be needed. Because some people are sensitive to the heat, it may be necessary to purchase an outdoor shelter, sunblock, sunglasses, non-metal chairs or chair covers, and fans; or grab Arlington Limo Service for your parents to cool down in. Arlington Limo Services The hot outdoors and piping hot food don’t mix well with some people. People often find it difficult to eat warm food in a hot environment. Call Us Now – (202) 888-7833
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