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4 Fantastic Ideas for Cutting the Wedding Cake

DC Town Car Service

When it is time to cut the cake make it one to remember. Cutting the cake is the big moment when you start your new life, why not make it exceptional with these great ideas. Whether you shape the cake into a DC town car service, or a towering castle your personalized touch is as authentic as you are.

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Sure, you have a themed cake but are you themed? Get into the spirit of your themed surroundings by dressing up for the cake photos in costume as your favorite movie or novel characters. Come right out of the airport car service DC had available dressed to impress and ready for fun.

DC Airport Car Service

Surprise cakes can be a treat for all. Whether it’s a surprise to the groom or bride when they arrive from the DC airport car service or even a surprise to all those attending the wedding it will sure to be a festive event. With all types of creative ways to pull it off, the surprise cake can be just what your wedding needs to break the mold.

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Cutting the cake is a fine tradition but wouldn’t you want to make it your own tradition. Do you have a cutting instrument that happens to be an heirloom? How would you like to cut the cake with the family crest sword or a sabre used by your great grandfather? If it has a blade or can at least make the first cut then it could be used as the start of a big tradition that lasts, just be sure that you can fit it into the town car service DC loves.

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