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10 Wedding Ideas for Nature Lovers

Do you and your partner love nature almost as much as you love Corporate Car Service San Diego uses? We have some wonderful ideas for you! From venue décor, to menu options, there are many ways to incorporate nature into your big day.

Gaithersburg Limo ServiceBefore you ride with Gaithersburg Limo Service and head over to your wedding venue, have a look at these fantastic ideas that are sure to compliment your wedding. Celebrate your wedding under the sun by having your ceremony outdoors.

Gaithersburg Wedding LimosChoose your venue wisely for a lovely outdoor environment. Look for venues with running water, ones that offer an oceanfront view, or have a meticulously kept garden of blooms. Call up Gaithersburg Wedding Limos and pick up tea for your wedding. Instead of offering alcohol, it may be nice to feature a tea bar with herbs.

Car Service San DiegoUse nature as your décor. Reclaimed driftwood can make for interesting stage and aisle décor, whereas branches can be decorated with flowers and hung above the dining area. Selecting wood, instead of plastic for wedding décor can help set the theme. Gather pine cones, acorns, and wheatgrass for table centerpieces. Pay attention to color, choosing earthy or pale colors will compliment a soft natural feel.

Corporate Car Service Hire acoustic instruments for entertainment. This can be a violinist, harp player, pianist, fiddler, and the like. Consider featuring local foods on the menu. Get hitched on the countryside. Getting away from the city and leaving it all behind for a day can really help you and your guests unwind.

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